Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to Kosin University

I arrived at Kosin University, Busan-Korea for the first time on February, 19th, 2009. It was a long journey to get there. It needed almost 24 hours from Surabaya to the gate of the university. First I met the security staffs asking the location of International Office (IO). They requested me to wait a moment, as the IO staff will see me as soon as possible in the security's room. It was drizzle when I came to Kosin University. Ten minutes later, a young lady named Sunny met me and asked me to follow her to the IO.

I went to the IO and met Mr. Kim Sung Joon. Finally, I met the person who was the one in charge for my departure to Korea. He and I continually contacted each other to update my visa's status before I came to Korea. He helped me a lot by giving advices on how to prepare and get my visa.

I was amazed when I realized that there is a warmer in the room (in Indonesia usually we need cooler Air Conditioner, because the weather is very hot), that is why I feel so comfortable there. We were discussing about several things about how to get to Kosin and why I only got 3 months permission for visa.

Then he said, "Welcome to Kosin University"and gave me a map and a book of Busan, also a map of Kosin University. After we talked to each other, He asked me to continue my journey to go to the dormitory area. He helped me bringing my luggage (quite big...hehe). We were walking (or climbing ...) up to the high place of dormitory. It was really hard to get there. I have almost exhausted when I brought a big luggage up there. Sometimes we stopped for a while to take a fresh air. Fiuhhhh, finally we arrived in the dormitory.

My room number is 417-a. The room is occupied for 4 person, and I was the first student who attended to that room. It is a cozy place for students to study. The dormitory is also equipped with many facilities such as vending machine, hot water for shower, warmer room, automatic electronic door locked us a password, laundry machine, fitness centre, etc.

I hope I will enjoy all of this, and the most important thing is I will understand more about God's will and will do my best for studying here.