Monday, June 1, 2009

What it was like to read it all

Awesome! I am glad to finish reading the most wonderful book in the world. I have already read those sixty-six books that God gave us from cover to cover. Those books were made by God as initiator and through His people as writers. All of those books are God's Word which is used human word for communicating what God wants men to know about. Before I finished reading Bible, in many times I just focused and be attracted to many books that written by people. As Christians, I did not realize that we had an incredible gift from God that is the Bible.

Professor Paul Yu as our Lecture gave the students three months only to read Bible. Firstly, I was not sure if I could finish reading it all in time. “My experience” told me that the whole books of the Bible have many difficult books to read, for example: the book of Leviticus, Numbers, and Revelation. Few years ago, I finished reading the whole Bible in more than one year. My struggles were on difficult words or sentences; how to interpret passages that have different culture settings with mine; and my laziness.

After I finished reading the Bible few days ago, I amazed with what God has done for His creatures, especially for His beloved people. Even though I cannot fully understand His' thought, but one thing for sure is His love to me, a sinner. His love is pure, not only for me, but also to many people in many different countries. Until now, I still do not understand about how can and why He chose us –sinners– to be His children.

Now, I realize and want to read it again and again because it is God's Word to His people including me. He will direct our path everyday through His wisdom that comes from the Bible. We will save in His Hands through His Words. Thus, we are waiting patiently to Jesus’ second coming when He ended the time. Someday we will face Him and enjoy Him forever. Amen.