Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher, I don't like science

I heard a story of a child's perception about a subject related to the teacher who teaches it here in Korea. The teacher printed some pictures of the Solar System for discussion in English class. When one of the student saw the picture, he straight away said "Teacher, I don't like Science..." and pulled himself back from the table to show that he was not interested at all in the discussion.

The teacher was curious to know why this fouteen-year youngster doesn't enjoy learning about sun, earth, moon, galaxies, comets, etc...

And she asked a question to the student, why don't you like Science? This is very interesting. We can learn about planets, solar system, the place we live in, etc".

The student was still showing his unpleasant mood in his face and replied, "Teacher, I don't like Science because I don't like the Teacher."

He gives the reason why he does not like the teacher. He says that his science teacher used to debate him and sometimes hits his hands if there is a disagreement between him and the teacher on the subject.

From this story, we may realize that the teacher is in an important part of students' lives. Teacher can bring a great influence on a student through his character or his way of teaching, and even he may put the student in a dis-likeness of a subject. Being a teacher is a difficult job for sure.

God gives every teacher His blessings by giving each of them a chance to enter children's lives by nurturing and educating them.

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