Monday, October 11, 2010

Joshua Songmin Haniel Liem

God blessed us with a wonderful gift this year.

One month ago, on September 11, 2010 at 23.42, my wife gave birth to our lovely son, Joshua Songmin Haniel Liem. He was 3.7 kg and 51 cm long.

The picture was taken when Joshua was one month old. Some Indonesian brothers and sisters came and celebrated his one month old (plus nine month in the womb of course) in our little house.

We gave him a quite long name to express how Great our God is. Moreover, we also want to confess our faith through this name.

Here is a little story about it.

Name Joshua was given by my Professor in Kosin University, Dr. Richard J. Edlin. He is a great Professor I ever met. He walks by faith and shows his integrity to his students.

Joshua itself means God save us.

Name Songmin was given by our Korean Pastor, Jung Noah. He lives by faith and becomes a role model to our family.

Songmin was taken from Korean word which means holy people/person.

Haniel was given by ourselves. Dita and I always call our son 'Honey' since he was in the womb of his mom which means our beloved one. We changed it a little bit to fit Indonesian pronounciation Hani, then we added el behind it which represents Elohim, one of God's name.

Liem actually is not only my family name, but Dita as well.

Finally, we combined all four words together in purpose which come from English, Korean, Indonesian, and Chinese word to express who, what, and where we are now.

So, we hope that through Joshua Songmin Haniel Liem who already beloved by God, saved by His grace will be a holy person for His glory.

We always pray to God that He will be our Guide, because in fact Joshua is His son, we are only His stewards to fulfill His Will. Please pray for us to be a great parent for him and to do our best since to be a parent is a wonderful privilege we get.

Old poem: "To educate a child is much better (and worthier) than to correct an adult"

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  1. A wonderful name that means so much....
    God bless you... :)