Friday, August 19, 2011

Graduation Day

Yesterday is one of my big days, my graduation day. It was on August 18, 2011. Finally, I finished my study in Kosin University for Master of Arts on Christian Education. I could finish it only by God's grace. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

Pastor Yun Hyun Joo reminded graduates on his sermon that we should have a vision beyond our diplomas and degrees because all things we have are from God and those should be given for God's glory.

Kosin's President, Dr. Kim Sung Soo congratulated graduates and articulated that we should practice servant leadership in our societies because it is one of Kosin University's characteristics.

Here are some pictures on my graduation day:

Dita, a lovely wife & Joshua, a lovely son

Three musketeers (san, liyan, wanghuan)

Sifa-Tanzania & Rhoda-Uganda

President Kim Sung Soo

Prof. Paul Yu

Dr. Edlin & Prof. Annette; Mr. Kim

Ev. Bahagia & Hari

Benson-Kenya & Buu-Vietnam

Jane-Rwanda, Eleni-Fiji, Benson-Kenya

Dr. Joh, San, Wanghuan, Dr. Kim, Dr. Gang, Liyan, Prof. Paul Yu

Front row: Sunny, Jinny, Wanghuan, Dr. Edlin, Prof. Annette, Kate
Rear row: Benson, Jingyi, Mr. Kim, San, Liyan, Prof. Elijah

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